Full scale fire tests

Wood crib fire tests on structures
steel-concrete building (FICEB) and timber columns (CERIB)

Numerical thermal analysis

Thermal analysis of structural members by FEM
SAFIR finite element software

Numerical structural analysis

Analysis of structures subjected to fire
SAFIR finite element software

Material testing at high temperature

Experimental testing of materials subjected to elevated temperatures and development of constitutive relationships
This website presents the activities of the Multi-Hazard Resilient Structures research group led by Dr. Thomas Gernay at Johns Hopkins University. Our group aims at developing knowledge and methods to enhance multi-hazard resilience of civil engineering structures. The group is particularly interested in studying the effects of fire and multi-hazard scenarios involving fire on materials, structures and systems.

Research interests include:
  • Modeling of materials and structures under extreme conditions
  • Computational mechanics, numerical analysis, development of finite element software
  • Uncertainty modeling and development of risk-based approach for structures under severe hazards
  • Urban community resilience assessment
For more information, visit our Research page .

The group is involved in the development of SAFIR, a nonlinear finite element software that models the behavior of structures subjected to fire. For more information, visit our SAFIR page .