News & Media

Our expertise has been sought by international and national media outlets, for questions relating to fire safety and structural fire response.

Our work has also been featured by various publications from professional associations and the Johns Hopkins University.

JHU Lecture: Structures in Fire

Lecture for Hopkins at Home on Feb. 22, 2022

Video interviews

Interview for i24New Clearcut on Notre Dame Fire, Apr. 16, 2019
Johns Hopkins WSE – Interview on next steps after Notre Dame Fire

Featured in Journals & Magazines

Interview for on Notre Dame Fire
Apr. 16, 2019
Article in the SFPE magazine on the project: “A Digitized Surveying Method Using Machine Vision to Collect Fuel Load Data in Buildings”
“From highways to high-rises”
Article in JHU Hub, 2020


Podcast in the Fire Science Show on structural fire engineering

Podcast in the Fire Science Show on timber columns in fire

Videos of the group

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