Download the installation guides:

SAFIR can be obtained here. DIAMOND can be downloaded here.

The pre-processor GmSAFIR has been launched in 2022 for use with SAFIR. It is based on the free, open source 3D FE mesh generator Gmsh. An introductory video is available below.

GmSAFIR pre-processor for SAFIR (from version 2022)

Before 2022, the pre-processor GiD was the most commonly used tool to build SAFIR models. The video below is a tutorial on the setup of GiD for use with SAFIR. Note that version 12.0.10 of GiD is recommended for compatibility of the problem types. Compatibility between GiD and SAFIR 2022 (and subsequent versions) is not guaranteed.

GiD pre-processor for SAFIR (versions 2019 and prior)

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