Worked Examples

Some simple examples of SAFIR models are provided here below. The documents describe step-by-step how to build the models using the pre-processor GiD.

2D thermal analysis of a IPE 300 steel profile heated on 3 sides: here

2D thermal analysis of a reinforced concrete section heated on 3 sides: here

Thermal-structural analysis of a 3D steel beam with thermal insulation: here

Thermal-structural analysis of a cantilever steel angle modeled with shell elements: here

Thermal-structural analysis of a 3D frame with concrete columns and a steel beam: here

Reinforced concrete slab on unprotected steel beams developing tensile membrane action: here

Simply supported steel beam heated from below and loaded at mid-span, modeled with 3D solid FE: SAFIR_Training-Solid3D

3D building frame with beams with pinned connections (note: requires SAFIR 2019 for the Relaxations function): here

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