SAFIR References

The software SAFIR is used by design offices for real construction projects. Some recent design projects have been the subject of scientific publications in which the use of SAFIR is described. Selected examples include:


  • Four Pancras Square in London, UK – Trenton Fire

SAFIR was used for the fire design of the outside weathering steel frame. Performance based fire engineering was essential to enable this architectural design.

Four Pancras Square (London) is a successful example of where early fire engineering engagement has helped deliver an iconic design. The building features an external, fully load-bearing, weathering steel frame, with a storey-deep Vierendeel transfer truss. To allow the weathering steel to develop its protective patina and achieve the desired aesthetic, it must be left untreated and exposed; this is in conflict with traditional fire resistance solutions.

From: Hopkin D., et al. “A structural fire strategy for an exposed weathering steel-framed building.” The Structural Engineer: journal of the Institution of Structural Engineer 96.1 (2018): 60-66.



  • Wilsdorf bridge in Geneva, Switzerland – MP Ingenieurs Conseils

SAFIR was used to analyze the fire response of the bridge under a truck fire scenario modeled with FDS.

From: Tonicello E., et al. “Fire analysis of a new steel bridge.” Proc. of the 7th International Conference on Structures in Fire. ETH Zürich, 2012.




  • Japan Tobacco headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland – INGENI

SAFIR was used for the structural fire engineering analysis of the JTI Building designed by SOM. The company INGENI carried out advanced natural fire simulations for the composite steel-reinforced concrete structure of the JTI Building, which led to a significant reduction in the fireproofing of the steel floor framing.

From: Lelli, L., & Loutan, J. (2018). “Advanced analyses of the membrane action of composite slabs under natural fire scenarios: A case study of the JTI headquarters“. Journal of Structural Fire Engineering9(1), 77-90.


The reference paper for SAFIR is: Franssen, J.M., Gernay, T. (2017), Modeling structures in fire with SAFIR®: Theoretical background and capabilities, Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, 8(3):300-323.

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